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Cassie Smith is non-committal, indecisive and insecure in herself, her life and her faith. She’s resolute to escape her boring hometown of Georgetown, GA and chase her dreams, (once she figures out what they are). She doesn’t anticipate falling in love with her best friend, Mark Santos, or the emotional turmoil she encounters in the relationship. Because of Mark, she is second-guessing her decision to leave her hometown, and regrettably, questioning her faith and values. This newfound love has Cassie questioning the only commitments she’s ever made: to God and to leaving her hometown. Will she change her mind and stay with her high school sweetheart? Or will she risk everything she’s known and loved to continue with her original plan? 

Anticipation describes the thrill of young love and the emotions and natural desires every teenager faces, regardless of their religious beliefs. The characters are tested in their faith with trials and temptations using Scripture and Biblical principles to help evolve their values and perspectives.


In this sequel to Anticipation, Cassie Smith marries her best friend, Mark Santos, and begins the dream she never thought she wanted. Until the nightmare struck.


After a tragic accident, Cassie abandons everyone and everything that she once cherished. She has to learn to forgive herself—and pray that others can, too. Can Cassie find her way back to her husband and more importantly, to God before her bitterness destroys her, her marriage and her faith? Or will she continue to push everyone away to keep her heart from breaking even more?​

Proclamation is an example of God’s immense love, protection, and provision, even—and especially—in tragedy. And portrays His grace, mercy and forgiveness when we least deserve it.

Coming Summer 2021
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Coffee with Christ

A compilation of motivational devotions.

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